Biuro Rachunkowe Komplex



Biuro Rachunkowe Komplex is a small accounting firm located in Poznań, Poland. Established in 1994, their brand needed an update that realigned their vision and goal of being a small but reliable and, most importantly, local business that is aware of its roots of being founded in post-communist Poland, but also open for a new direction with its eyes firmly set on the future. 

The goal was to rework their existing identity and bring it closer to the digital age – this meant not only to redesign the brand mark and all its possible applications, but also to create a website as the first point of contact for potential new customers. The goal here was not to create yet another website for other accountants, but rather a website for people who feel intimidated by the world of taxes and accounting. By being as clean and legible as possible it is a website for people looking for a first step of seeking out accounting expertise.